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TMJ TENSION HEADACHES and MIGRAINE HEADACHES are some of the most common symptoms of TMJ

As a TMJ dentist / doctor, I have spent thirty years in private practice. My depth of experience is in treating TMJ and related symptoms such as TMJ tension headaches, migraine headaches, neck and head pain.

It is my commitment to provide relief from TMJ, migraines, headaches and head and neck related symptoms.



Call for an appointment and to speak directly with me about how I can relieve your TMJ symptoms and migraine headaches
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Dr. Frager has chosen and personally trained Dr. Bin Hoang to treat TMD and headaches due to his retirement


Dr. Hoang offers a complete therapy program for treating TMJ problems such as headaches, jaw pain, bruxism. We offer a complete in office treatment service which may include the following: Splints, massage therapy, Laser therapy, ultrasound, computer evaluation of head/neck/biting forces and their relationship to healthy muscle and joint positioning as well outstanding home products and home painless microcurrent units for gentle therapy and treatment healing of muscles and joints and relief of head and neck pain.

TMJ/Migraine Headaches and Symptoms

The most common TMD complaint is the TMJ headache, head and neck pain and Migraine Headache. The majority of migraines and TMJ headaches have various causes. Migraines and tension Headache are two of the most common complaints of those who suffer from TMJ symptoms.

Most migraine headaches, have two common attributes: (1) tenderness of muscles of the head and neck and (2) clenching of teeth.

The most common type of headache is the TMJ headache. It has been estimated that this type of headache accounts for 90 to 92% of all headache pain. This type of headache may vary from mild to quite severe in intensity; often its sufferers are misdiagnosed as having migraine or migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches usually start in the forehead, temples or back of the head. Those who clench or grind their teeth may also develop migraine like headaches.

The good news is this: these migraine headaches, TMJ headaches and head and neck pain can be treated effectively. There’s no need to continue to live with headache and migraine headache pain when you can get relief from these symptoms, especially relief from migraine headaches and TMJ headaches.

What are some of the Symptoms of TMJ?

One of the most common symptoms of TMJ is a dull, aching pain around the ears or even migraines / TMJ headaches. Sometimes this pain radiates to the neck, worsening these headaches and migraines. Additionally, TMJ patients may have ringing in the ears, popping sounds in the TMJ joint, migraines and other headache pain, such as neck and shoulder pain.

Rebound Headaches and Rebound
Migraine Headaches
: “The longer a person stays on Headache and Migraine medications, the worse the Headaches and Migraines become and the stronger the medications needed”.

These are called Rebound Headaches and Rebound Migraine Headaches.

Instead of medications,
one of the therapies Dr. Hoang uses for treatment of head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches and migraine headaches is Alpha Stim Therapy. FDA approved and clinically proven, Alpha-Stim microcurrent delivers a safe dose of micro current that is almost undetectable. These “micro-currents” attempt to mimic the body’s own natural electrical functions. “Patients with treatment-resistant head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches and migraine headaches have shown significant elevations in plasma serotonin.” University of Miami’s School of Medicine quotes, “Increases in cerebrospinal fluid level of beta-endorphins up to 219%, plasma endorphins up to 98%, and cerebrospinal fluid serotonin up to 200% have been demonstrated in normal volunteers receiving 20 minutes of Alpha Stim Therapy.” All of these improvements in head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches, migraine headaches and brain chemistry may be necessary for treatment and relief from these conditions.
~Also helps relieve anxiety, insomnia and depression~

How many people suffer from TMJ Symptoms

It is estimated that 35% of Americans suffer from TMJ headache, head and neck symptoms and migraines. Four times as many women have headache, head and neck symptoms and TMJ migraine symptoms. 30%-40% of adults have symptoms of jaw pain, headache, migraines, neck and shoulder pain.

What Causes TMJ Headaches

TMJ disorders frequently result when the chewing muscles, the teeth and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) do not work together properly. The common causes are stress, neck and shoulder tightness and clenching.

Is TMJ Curable?

TMJ Headaches/Migraines can become a chronic problem associated with muscle damage to the head, neck, back or TMJ.


Dr. Hoang is skilled in treating individuals and bringing headache relief and pain relief to those who suffer from TMJ pain and migraine symptoms. Proper comprehensive therapy and treatment is necessary for improvement of your symptoms.

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