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Migraine Relief Testimonial

This testimonial is from a patient that lives in Illinois. First, I started her on a home management program. Next, I helped her to start a specific therapy program in her area. Then, she flew to California for final treatment at my office for four consecutive days. Please read her testimonial.

Migraine Relief Testimonial by Jodie

‘Thank you for introducing the Alpha-Stim therapy to me. I am using it at home and it has greatly helped improve my condition and allows me to keep it under control.’

“For the past decade, I have been suffering multiple health issues related to my condition. I have had to deal with chronic pain in my jaw, neck, head and shoulders as well as daily muscular tension headaches and severe migraine headaches, often times being hospitalized. I have seen multiple specialists in Neurology, including physicians at the prestigiousĀ  Mayo Clinic and the Diamond Headache Center who prescribed medications that mostly aggravated my headaches by causing rebound headaches or other negative side effects. None of the medications could alleviate my pain. I have been to several orthodontists who have fitted me with different kinds of bite guards and have even tried braces to reposition my teeth without positive results. I would continue to grind on the mouth guards, and the braces ruined my teeth alignment, having to put on a full set of crowns, costing $16,000. I considered myself a cripple, unable to be a mother or wife, as I constantly stayed in bed suffering with my headaches. Finally, I discovered Dr. Marvin Frager and although I live in Chicago and he resides in California, I knew his comprehensive TMJ treatment would help me. HeĀ  did NOT prescribe medications. Dr. Frager’s TMJ approach of reducing the muscular tension in my body through ultra-sound, massage and alpha-stimulation relieved the severity of my headaches immediately. His computerized evaluation of my biting forces and bite guard has relaxed my jaw significantly. I have only had 3 headaches in four weeks!!! Considering I am accustomed to daily headaches, I would say that I am on the road to a full recovery. I want to thank Dr. Frager for his comprehensive and caring treatment. I would recommend his expertise to any person suffering with a TMJ and/or migraine condition. ”


“My massage therapist says she is amazed with the improvement of my condition and in the muscles of my shoulders, neck and jaw. In four weeks, I have only had three mild migraines and NO muscular tension headaches. I am able to wear the bite guard at least 2-3 hours/day, compared to never being able to wear one. All I can say is I’m doing VERY well, thanks to your treatment!!!! “.

Thank you Dr. Frager for renewing my life!!!


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