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This testimonial is from a patient that lives in Illinois. First, I started her on a home management program. Next, I helped her to start a specific therapy program in her area. Then, she flew to California for final treatment at my office for four consecutive days.  Please read her testimonial.

Migraine Relief Testimonial by Jodie

“For the past decade, I have been suffering multiple health issues related to my condition. I have had to deal with chronic pain in my jaw, neck, head and shoulders as well as  daily muscular tension headaches and severe migraine headaches, often times being hospitalized. I have seen multiple specialists in Neurology, including physicians at the prestigious  Mayo Clinic and the Diamond Headache Center who prescribed medications that mostly aggravated my headaches by causing rebound headaches or other negative side effects. None of the medications could alleviate my pain. I have been to several orthodontists who have fitted me with different kinds of bite guards and have even tried braces to reposition my teeth without positive results. I would continue to grind on the mouth guards, and the braces ruined my teeth alignment, having to put on a full set of crowns, costing $16,000. I considered myself a cripple, unable to be a mother or wife, as I constantly stayed in bed suffering with my headaches. Finally, I discovered Dr. Marvin Frager and although I live in Chicago and he resides in California, I knew his comprehensive treatment would help me. He did NOT prescribe medications. Dr. Frager’s approach of reducing the muscular tension in my body through ultra-sound, massage and alpha-stimulation relieved the severity of my headaches immediately. I have only had 3 minor headaches in four weeks!!!
Considering I am accustomed to daily headaches, I would say that I am on the road to a full recovery. I want to thank Dr. Frager for his comprehensive and caring treatment. I would recommend his expertise to any person suffering with a TMJ and/or migraine condition. “

For more details on Jodie’stestimonial – click here

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Dear Dr Frager, The following is my testimony regarding how I wound up in your office and in a completely different frame of mind after the following experience:

I was at my regular dentist getting some work done on a crowned molar, when, while my mouth was wide open, my jaw locked and I could not close my mouth without using my hands. The pain was excruciating and I was completely traumatized. My dentist was sympathetic, but could not offer any help other than to say that I would need to give
myself some time for the inflamed muscles of my jaw to heal. She also said that she would prescribe Valium for me to take at specific times before I could continue with the dental work. I left the dentist’s office to look for someone who would treat my lockedjaw condition.

I found Dr. Frager on the Internet.  I decided to ask for an appointment because the information I read on his web page said that he had been training other dentists to treat TMD.  So I thought, if he is training other dentists, he must be very experienced in treating TMD conditions.  I followed the website instructions and waited to be notified of an appointment. Dr. Frager sent me an email message asking when he could call me.  He did call as promised and spent over 20 minutes of his time asking questions about my symptoms and condition. The length of time he spent talking to me about my condition so impressed me that I wondered: How can a dentist spend that amount of time with me on the telephone without getting paid for his time?  So, I decided: This dentist is either very good at what he does and cares about his patients or he’s not very good and consequently not very busy.  My first reaction
was correct.

After I visited his office, my reaction about Dr. Frager’s skill was confirmed: He’s an excellent dentist and an expert in the field of treating TMD and training other dentists to do the same.  In fact, even though I know nothing about dentistry he has patiently explained to me in great detail, his method and technique to treat TMD and what causes it. That type of patient education is priceless.

I have been in treatment for six weeks and already feel much better.  My goal is to continue treatment until I can safely open my mouth without fear that my jaw will lock.

Thank you Dr. Frager.

Rosaria E

Thank you again!

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in trying to get my headache problem under control. I went to a Neurologist and he put me on Imetrix and loads of ibuprofen and said I was now a sufferer of migraines. Not wanting to give up on finding a solution to my headache problem, I sought you out for a bit of relief. I was referred to your office by a dear friend of mine who you also helped to eliminate her headache problem, which was far more
severe than mine. It’s been over a month of weekly therapy with Laura, and minor adjustments to my bite and although not 100% totally headache free all the time, my severe, and debilitating migraines no longer plague me. I have a lot of work ahead of me to keep my bite properly adjusted, but I feel you and Laura have given me the tools to keep my headaches under control. I never realized how much my screwed up jaw could effect my whole life… headaches are no fun. I appreciate all you’ve done to accommodate my crazy schedule, especially Laura. She is easy to get in touch with and Johnny on the spot with appointments. She is truly an excellent lady.

Thank you again!

Sherri G

“I have been getting treated by Dr. Frager and his massage therapist, Laura for 3 weeks now, and I cannot believe I no longer suffer from a migraine, a tension headache, or even just a regular headache. I came to him as a 41 yr. old female that had been suffering from severe migraines for 20 years. As the years went on, with all the different
medicines, prescriptions & trips to the E.R. over the years, they eventually became debilitating. The doctors also prescribed preventative migraine meds & anxiety meds. It was doing nothing but giving me rebound migraines. I was miserable and sad because I had to spend so much time in bed, in pain, taking medicine that weren’t even working, even though I was trying to get rid of my excruciating pain. The worst part was all the time I was missing with my 3 children & my husband. Since I started treatment with Dr. Frager I am no longer using any of my
prescription pain meds. His program is not difficult to follow. The best part about Dr. Frager is that he gave me hope!


Betsey, Huntington Beach, CA (714-964-7887)

I want to start off by saying thank-you! For months I was trying to maintain my TMJ condition. Everyday I was having some form of pain whether it was my neck, shoulder, or jaw. I was constantly putting on Tiger balm to try and alleviate the pain. I went onto the internet to try and find some more home remedies, when I came across your
website. After reading it I wish I had found you months ago! I called and recieved a phone call later that day by the doctor himself. Never have I recieved such royal treatment. By friday I met with him. After hearing about all the steps to provide an overall healing I was in. That evening I started the home treatment. I have been doing it everyday, coming to my appointments and have seen a world of difference. My jaw actually closes at an even bite. My shoulder and neck are no longer sore. I can’t begin to explain how much he has helped. He is personal, friendly and has helped through each step of the way. If I had never come I would still be applying my tiger balm, be sore
and not able to close my jaw completely. I urge anyone to meet with him and to begin the process, it seems like a lot of stuff to do, but trust me, every minute is worth it!

Thank you again for everything!


Chelsea Preston -(949-371-3992)

“I was experiencing severe symptoms of jaw pain and clicking and clogged ears that I could hardly hear. I was desperate and went to ear specialists, allergy doctors, my dentist and an acupuncturist. I was diagnosed with everything from allergy to ear infections. My healing path lead me to Dr. Frager who was well recognized  in TMJ care and it’s related discomforts. Upon meeting him, I knew I was in very professional, experienced hands. He did
a full assessment, and full instructions for care of my condition. After adjusting my bite using computer analysis and muscle therapy as well as a splint, my symptoms were completely gone. It took about two months of treatment. It was Dr. Frager’s fine care that healed my conditions. Thank you Dr. Frager for turning my life around.

Betty M, from Trabuco, CA 949.751.9369“Feel free to call me and talk with me”

I have been through a LOT with my TMJ problem. Up until you…I was so lost and felt surgery was my only choice and even that was very risky and not guaranteed. I went through excruciating TMJ pain and discomfort for months. I cannot believe how many expert Doctors I had seen and even they were not able to help me. I felt like I was becoming everybody’s challenge, but yet all they really knew what to do was give me a bill. This has cost us a fortune and I could have saved a lot of money….more importantly a lot of pain and time if I had come to you FIRST! Dr. Frager, you have been wonderful all the way around, including the awesome Physical Therapy treatment from Laura. Everything all together really works and I admit I was a little skeptical at first, however I am pain free
and my TMJ has no longer been a problem, you have been a God send! Thank you.


When I came to see you, I was having terrible pain on opening wide. I almost couldn’t open enough to chew my food. My jaw joints were making noises, my ears felt strange and I was having severe  headaches. I would wake up in the morning and my jaw muscles would feel very tight and stiff from clenching. My pain and  headaches are gone and I can open and chew normally again. Thank you so much for helping me feel good again.


Thank you for making me smile again. Taking away my pain and headaches allowing me to “Get back to my life” is worth more to me than you know.

Thank you, Kim

My 15 year old son started having severe jaw pain and began to lose interest in doing the things that most kids like to do. I was referred to Dr. Frager by my dentist and made an appointment with him to examine my son. In less than one month my son was better and back to his normal self. His all-natural, conservative treatment was just what we needed.

Thank you so much, – Marilyn S., San Clemente , CA

I have been having experiencing terrible pain of my jaw, ringing in my ear, neck stiffness and neck pain and headaches. I have been afraid to open my mouth wide for fear of my joint popping out of place. The first visit when he examined me and used his computer to evaluate the relationship between my bite and my head and neck
forces showed so much misalignment, I could understand why I was feeling so bad. I have only been undergoing
treatment by Doctor Frager and his massage therapist for two weeks and my headaches and dizziness are already gone. I can open my mouth wider and my bite feels so much better already. Thank you so much Dr. Frager.

Liza from Mission Viejo, CA.

Hi Dr. Frager,

I just wanted to tell you how much you helped me with my TMJ problem. My sore throats and headaches are completely gone now. I thought for the longest time that it was a viral or bacterial problem, boy was I wrong! These problems almost disappeared overnight after my treatment from you. Thanks a million!



Instead of medications, one of the therapies Dr. Frager uses for treating head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches and migraine headaches is Alpha Stim Therapy. FDA approved and clinically proven, Alpha-Stim microcurrent delivers a safe dose of micro current that is almost undetectable. These “micro-currents” attempt to mimic
the body’s own natural electrical functions. “Patients with treatment-resistant head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches and migraine headaches have shown significant elevations in plasma serotonin.” University of Miami’s School of Medicine quotes, “Increases in cerebrospinal fluid level of beta-endorphins up to 219%, plasma endorphins up to 98%, and cerebrospinal fluid serotonin up to 200% have been demonstrated in normal volunteers receiving 20 minutes of Alpha Stim Therapy.” All of these improvements in head and neck muscle pain, TMJ joint pain, headaches, migraine headaches and brain chemistry may be necessary for improvement and relief from these conditions.
~Also helps relieve anxiety, insomnia and depression~
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